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Patch 2.0.0 Guide

Welcome to PunchMan Online play guide. Any details of the game are available below.

Game Mode

game mode

Team Battle

team battleThis mode divides players into the red and blue teams. If the players' numbers on each team don't match, AI will automatically add to the team with smaller players' numbers.
Team battle's rule is pretty simple. Within the time limit, collect medals as much as you can by knocking another team's player out of the stage or destroying spawned crates. Collected medals are indicated by a bar on the top center of the screen. The team who filled up the bar first or collected more medals when the time limit was reached won.
Be careful; being knocked out off the stage will also reduce your team's medals!

Battle Royal

battle royalAs the word means, you'll play as a solo player trying to become the last one standing. You'll get three lives; one will be reduced each time you're knocked out of the stage. Stay alive, knock your opponents out of the stage, and you'll be the victor.

Crystal Battle

crystal battleThis game mode is similar to Team Battle mode, except for how the points are counted. It won't affect the game whether you or your opponents are knocked out of the stage. You'll need to destroy opponents' crystals as fast as possible while keeping your crystals alive. The team who destroyed all opponent's crystals first won.



Before starting or joining a battle, you need to visit the lobby first. The lobby provides information about all available rooms and online players' numbers and statuses. You can also create your room or join any available random match. Also, you can chat with other online players there.


Random Match

Within the lobby, you can join a random match anytime by pressing the random match button on top of the screen. The random match is a feature that allows the apps to decide which game mode and stages will be used.
Also, the random match will match you with any random player who's also applying for it.


A room can be created from the menu in the lobby. You can decide which game mode, stage, and the maximum number of players can join the game. Once the room is created, you and any other players who joined the room can freely chat while waiting for the remaining players. You can also adjust, change team assignments, and kick unintended players there.
You can start the game even if it hasn't matched the maximum player numbers when everyone in the room is ready.



Indicate that you're ready for the game. Ready players have checkmarks displayed on their names in the member list.

Ready Check

Only available in team battle mode for room's master. Initiate a ready check for all not-ready players in the room.

Change Team

Only available in team battle mode for room's master. Change any member's team by tapping on their name in the member list.

Kick Player

Only available for room's master. Kick any room member by long-tapping on their name.



There are several actions available within the game. You can use them to knock your opponents out of the stage, dodge opponents' attacks, interact with objects, or run away from them.
Refer to the control section to learn how to execute the actions.



Knock the opponent back two blocks away.
Inflict 100 damages on crystals and 5% damages on crates.
It has higher accuracy compared to kick action.
Share cooldown with kick, slide, push, and throw.
Cooldown: 1s



Knock the opponent back three blocks away.
Inflict 100 damages on crystals and 5% damages on crates.
It has lower accuracy compared to kick action.
Share cooldown with kick, slide, push, and throw.
Cooldown: 1s



Enable dash for 10 seconds.
The dash timer is shown on the screen when activated.
Cooldown: 30s



Dodge attacks by sliding forward two-half blocks away.
Share cooldown with kick, slide, push, and throw.
Cooldown: 1s



Push away a bomb forward.
Share cooldown with kick, slide, push, and throw.
Cooldown: 1s



Only accessible when grabbing a bomb.
Throw away picked bomb forward.
Throw power indicator is shown on the screen when picking a bomb.
Refer to the controller setting to confirm how to grab a bomb.
Grab shares cooldown with kick, slide, push, and throw.


You can send an emoji to every player in the game by pressing the emoji button. Below are available emojis within the game.

Quick Chat

You can send a quick chat just like sending an emoji. All quick chats are automatically translated to supported languages (currently Japanese and English only). Below are available quick chats within the game. (Quick chats might be frequently updated due to some circumstances)
All yours.Go for it!Holy cow!In position.Incoming!My bad…My fault.Nice one!No Way!Okay.Oops!Savage!Siiiick!What a play!Whew.ggNice moves.One. Mor. Game.Rematch!That was fun!Well played.What a Game!Nice Punch!Nice Kick!Nice Throw!

Medals Gauge

Only available on team and crystal battle.
Indicate each team collected/remained medals/crystals.
The fastest team who filled this gauge in team battle mode won the battle.
You'll lose the game on crystal battle when your bar is emptied.

Player List

Only available on Battle Royal mode.
Show the current game's player status. You can check how many players are alive from this menu.


Some objects spawned in the game, and each of them has different effects.



A crystal is a destroyable object available only in crystal battle mode.
Each team will have specific numbers of crystals to destroy. The remaining hp of each crystal is shown on an indicator above it.



A bomb, colored in black, is a pickable and pushable object within the game. Pick it by tapping it on mobile devices or executing the grab action on other devices. You can also push it by facing its direction and moving close enough.
Effect: stun collided opponent for three seconds.


Auto Bomb

An auto bomb is an unpickable and un-pushable bomb that will explode automatically within 5~15s after spawned. Don't get too close to it, or you'll be knocked back when it explodes.
Effect: knockback any nearby player three blocks away



A crate is an object that provides players with bonus medals collection chance. It will stay on the stage for a time limit of 60 seconds. The team who fills up the gauge first within the time limit will get 250 bonus medals.
You can fill up your team's gauge by punching or kicking it.
Time limit: 60s
Effect: Add 250 medals



A player will be teleported randomly to another portal when staying on it for around 1 second. You can use it to warp around the stage or escape from another player.
Cooldown: 1s
Effect: Randomly move to another portal



The ship will attack a random player on stage. It will send a bomb toward the targetted player at a random interval.
Effect: knockback player three blocks away



The worm will knock back any player who comes to its line of sight three blocks away. It can only attack for a specific interval, so you can safely move between it.
Cooldown: 3s




You can access detailed information about your stats, avatar, nickname, etc., from the profile menu on the main screen. You can also change your nickname and avatar from there.


The character menu allows you to visit the character customization screen.
There, you can modify everything from body parts to accessories.
Some parts are locked and will be available upon specific conditions like a subscription or completing an achievement, and some of them are purchasable via in-game currency (gold).



There is in-game currency (Gold) within the game. You can collect them by battling, getting upper rank in seasonal ranking, etc. The gold can be used to refill your battle pass or unlock some additional parts for your character. When you need extra gold as soon as possible, the market is available with a small pack of gold or even a hefty one.
Also, the market allows you to subscribe and become a premium member with some premium features waiting for you.


Friends and Mailing

You can add any friends by adding their PunchMan ID. You can also add them from recently played players listed on add friend screen. Deleting or rejecting incoming friend requests is available on the same screen.
In-game mail can only be sent to anyone within your friend list.


In-game achievements are available and can be confirmed via the menu on the main screen. Once you've completed an achievement, some bonuses, including custom parts, might be available.


You can create or join a clan within the game. The clan's level and medals will be automatically upgraded depending on its members' battling activity. As for patch 2.0.0, the clan's ranking is available but without any rewards yet (will be planned on the next patch).


In-game ranking allows you to compete with all players around the world.
Overall and seasonal rankings are available. Seasonal ranking allows the player to compete within a specific period to get particular rewards.
Winning or getting an upper rank in seasonal ranking will also unlock specific parts for your character.


Any information regarding PunchMan online can be accessed via the information menu on the main screen. Feel free to check it when you have the time.


PunchMan allows players to communicate with each other freely. But still, we would like each of the players to respect each other and refrain from verbally abusing another player. To keep the game away from a toxic community, we provide reporting menu within the game.
The report menu will also allow you to report any bug within the game. Also, feel free to give us any critics or advice to us. We want to keep our dev team as close as possible to our community.


Mobile (Smartphone)

mobile control

Move around the character by dragging the joypad in the desired direction.
Swipe on the right part of the screen to rotate the camera.
Tap on the action or other buttons to execute them.


Coming soon!


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